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DIY Democracy

Jul 5, 2021

An interview with Professor Amanda Frost (@amanda_frost1 on Twitter) on her new book, You Are Not American: Citizenship Stripping from Dred Scott to the Dreamers.

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Jun 14, 2021

An interview with Annette Gordon-Reed (@agordonreed) on her new book, On Juneteenth.

She will speak at a Detroit Public Library virtual event on Juneteenth (Sat., 6/19, @ 1 pm EDT)

For more Juneteenth resources, see Penn Law's resources on Juneteenth

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Jan 16, 2021

An interview with Professors Suzanne Mettler (@SuzanneMettler1) and Rob Lieberman (@r_lieberman) on their book, Four Threats: The Recurring Crises of American Democracy.

Another podcast that I listened to as I was preparing to post this was Bill Moyers's interview of Heather Cox Richardson the day after the...